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Marathon everRun MX 6.1 – it’s here!

SQL Server…Mission-Critical. SQL-based applications…Mission Critical.

Clusters for availability… Complex and Expensive.

Replication and other third party protection suites…Risky because they’re “fail and recover.”

Marathon everRun MX…No failures. No downtime. No corrupted data. No lost transactions.

Marathon Technologies releases everRun MX 6.1 today!

Key updates include:

  • Increased Scalability
  • Support for additional PVMs
  • Expanded hardware support
  • More platforms on the hardware compatibility list
  • New platform-specific management applications
  • Including Dell OpenManage, Fujitsu ServerView, and HP Insight Manager
  • Greater Performance
  • Network stack, disk I/O, shared storage
  • Additional Operating System Support
  • Even More Windows Servers and Service Packs

Learn how fault tolerant, high availability solutions can protect your business critical SQL Server and SQL-based applications.

Contact us to find out more.

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